Submission to tVCA 2010

Image ©Kevin German, who was the Silver recipient for his Photographic Essay in 2009 tVCA


Photographers remain full copyright owners of all images submitted to the Visual Culture Awards. The exhibited images will be posted on tVCA's (this) website: Some of these images may be used to encourage participation in the next tVCA awards via poster print, cards and/or internet banners. By submitting your images to tVCA, you testify that you are the sole creator/copyright owner of those images.

Send your images to:

***There have been a fare amount of international submissions with email troubles, so we set up a gmail account and encourage you to send to as well as just in case. If you have not heard back from us in 48 hours, please email for help. Thank you.

The subject line of the email must read: LAST NAME, first name: SUBMISSION

For example: MCLOED, Hannah: SUBMISSION

When you submit your entry, you will receive an email confirmation and a secure paypal payment request. The entry is not fully submitted until payment is received.

The extended deadline for submissions/payment is 20 December 2009.

The entry fee is $37USD (or more if you'd like to give more back to the community). This includes 10-30 photographs to fill the gallery space; Individuals are only allotted one portfolio for review-for-exhibition.

Remember that images should be 1000px at the longest width/height at 72dpi. See Image preparation for full submission guidelines. If still your zip folder containing all of your images is above 10mb, simply break the submission up into two folders, and two emails (or more, as needed).

A brief bio (about three sentences) stating your nationality and/or cultural identity, your school/work affiliation, and a sentence as a personal statement must be included with your submission.

This year, a paragraph about your exhibited work must be included as well; this may include the process, the method, or a notion about the culture examined. This ought to also contain word of any digital manipulation; consideration of fine art photography to tell the story, or a journalistic approach with no manipulation.

You must also submit a self portrait.

This all must be included in your email.

All submissions must be in the English language.

Please excuse a brief delay after your email is sent, to receive a confirmation. We hand enter every submission and check to see if everything required is together (your images, captions, biography, biographical photograph, and description of series as it relates to 'Cultural peace,' before we send a reminder of what may be missing or confirm your application. We are happy to be a manual part of this process and thank you for your patience. You ought to receive word from us within 24 hours.