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The Visual Culture Awards

Awarded List

2008 Visual Culture Award’s list of edited recipients ::

***Tom Wundrak : Award of Excellence, Nature and Architecture

Austrian artist, designer and photographer. Grown up in different cultures around the globe I regard the cultural heritage of our ancestors as one of our greatest treasures and its respectful fostering one of our foremost and noble tasks. Photography is my passion about life, my devotion to beauty and my obsession about essence.

***Georg Worecki : Award of Excellence, Feature

Born 1961 in Düsseldorf/Germany. Studied history of art & architecture, german language & literature; trained as a director. In my works I prefer a basic form of realness; after all I make the naive attempt to project the secret of life onto a screen.

***Luca Tronci : Silver, News and Productive Peace

Born in Cagliari, Sardinia, in 1966. Gained a degree in law in the local university, 1992. After a few years of collaboration with several advertising photographers started independent career as a freelance photographer in 2000. “Taking photos is a way of looking at things that otherwise would pass by me with no conscience of them.”

***Priscilla Thomas : Award of Excellence, Commercial, Wedding, Illustration

I was born in Iceland, but raised in the United States of America. I have a B.A. in Religious Studies from the College of Charleston and currently, work in an accounting office. In my photography, I strive to capture a nature of a person, a perspective that has gone unnoticed, a moment that is fleeting.

***Mickael Therer : Silver, Multimedia

I’m a self-employed Belgian photographer active in virtual reality and field reportage photography, I believe immersive photography applied to photojournalism challenges our perception of reality and its photographic emanation and confronts our understanding of the image representation. The online presentation of this 360° scrapbook from Mali hopefully brings a whole new experience of photography to the public.

***Amit Shaal : Award of Excellence, Feature ; Award of Excellence, Photographic Essay

Amit Sha’al is an Israeli photographer working as staff photographer on a national daily newspaper (Calcalist), and his photographs have been featured in many major magazines and newspapers in Israel. Amit held a solo exhibition in Israel and abroad and has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Amit’s photographs capture fragments of reality which do not tell “The story” but rather tell “A story” with more than one dimension.

***Ahikam Seri : Bronze, Environmental Portrait ; Award of Excellence, News and Productive Peace ; Award of Excellence, Photographic Story ; Award of Excellence, International Documentary

Ahikam Seri (b.1972 in Jerusalem), is an independent photojournalist, based in Jerusalem. His work regularly appears in magazines and newspapers in Europe and the US. The work was awarded by FiftyCrows, National Geographic, PDN and Nikon, among many others, and was widely exhibited in such frameworks as Noorderlicht and Visa Pour L’image. Ahikam Seri is represented by Panos Pictures, a photojournalism agency based in London. ‘I seek to deeply explore issues that affect our life, to promote cultural understanding and to provoke thoughts on such issues.’

***Peter Ruprecht : Award of Excellence, Nature and Architecture

Peter Ruprecht is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker and Vice President of Interactive and New Media for the global lifestyle and fashion company Marc Ecko Enterprises. In 2004, Peter co-founded Forza Films, a South American documentary production company that has produced work for leading networks. Peter has also had a long-standing career consulting companies of stature, including Merrill Lynch, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Opera Solutions. Born in Argentina, Peter was raised in Vermont and attended Dartmouth College. He was ranked as a top skier in the United States and has traveled the world extensively.

***Lyle Owerko : Award of Excellence, Portfolio ; Award of Excellence, International Documentary

Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Canada Lyle came to New York to attend the Pratt Institute and study graphic design. After working briefly in the Ad Industry, he realized he needed to find other ways to express his talents. Settling on photography Lyle has spent the last 8 years sharpening his craft by traveling the world and donating his services to a wide variety of human rights groups. Known for his keen eye and sense of both pop culture and indigenous people’s his images are making an indelible mark on the creative world.

***Jesse Newman : Bronze, Pictorial ; Award of Excellence, Multimedia

Jesse Newman is an American photojournalist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of the International Center of Photography. She enjoys working on long-term documentary projects as well as reportage and portraiture.

***Shaena Mallett : Award of Excellence, Emotive Vision, Light, and Self Portrait

Shaena Mallett is a young photographer from Ohio, United States, with a passion for social documentary storytelling. She is currently finishing a degree in photojournalism and anthropology. Shaena believes in living a peaceful existence, working to promote the change she believes in, and seeing the underlying beauty of all things.

***Ehrin Macksey : Gold, Emotive Vision, Light, and Self Portrait ; Bronze, Photographic Story ; Gold, Multimedia ; Award of Excellence, International Documentary

A scientist by training and a lover of photography, he has managed to combine his passions and develop compelling photography and films. Ehrin started studying photography after coming to Asia and being influenced by his experiences there. Asia awoke a passion in him to tell untold stories and convey them to other people. His main focus of subject matter is reportages and portraitures. He recently started practicing commercial imagery as well as studio work. He is photographer, videographer and multimedia producer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. He was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and an American father. As a teen, his mother took him to the Middle East and Europe and opened his eyes to the world. After graduating from the University of Florida he set out to discover more. Ehrin lived and worked in New Zealand for a year and then travelled through Asia and eventually decided to live there.

***Evi Lemberger : Award of Excellence, Environmental Portrait ; Bronze, Commercial, Wedding, Illustration ; Award of Excellence, Commercial, Wedding, Illustration

My name is Evi Lemberger and I recently finished my BA (Hons) Degree in Photography at the London College of Communication with an exchange term in Leipzig at the visual Academy of Arts. Relating to my last project I worked on my project „Between then and now”, which is a documentary project visualized in a very contemporary way. Thereby this project represents my way of looking at photography: Taking up already existing issues and visualizing it in a very contemporary way in order not just increase awareness but also affection in the audience.

***Robert Larson : Bronze, Emotive Vision, Light, and Self Portrait

I was born in Dallas but raised in Los Angeles and am currently a full time student at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops in Venice Beach. I am on a mission to experience and document as many realities as a human being possibly can in one lifetime. Without ever turning away from any subject or scene; I want to observe it all, the good and the bad . . .

***Sigita Lapina : Award of Excellence, Nature and Architecture

I am a photographer from Latvia, who loves her country, the people, who likes to travel, get to know other countries, nations, their cultural values. I participate in “Visual Cultural Awards”, because I like to show other people throughout the world those stopped, frozen moments which to me somehow seemed special.

***Gerda Kochanska : Award of Excellence, Photographic Story

Gerda Kochanska born in Poland in 1974. Based in Spain. Photographer since 2005. “I want to tell stories that are part of people’s life. I photograph people and spaces that are silent witness of all their stories.”

***Kyle Knight : Bronze, Nature and Architecture

Kyle Knight is a writer and photographer based in New York City. A Maine native, he earned a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University. His photography focuses on children, the environment, and the Himalayas.

***Peter Hoffman : Award of Excellence, News and Productive Peace ; Award of Excellence, Sports ; Gold, Nature and Architecture

I’m a graduate student at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication, working on an M.A. degree in photojournalism. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, received a B.S. in advertising (ironic eh?) from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign before turning to photography full time. I’m pretty much a boring suburban kid who had a decent, safe life and found the camera as a new way to get into trouble after I had one too many run-ins with cops from my skateboarding days.

***Nick Hannes : Bronze, Portfolio ; Award of Excellence, Emotive Vision, Light, and Self Portrait ; Award of Excellence, Environmental Portrait ; Gold, Commercial, Wedding, Illustration ; Silver, Nature and Architecture

Nick Hannes (°1974) is an independent photojournalist based in Antwerp, Belgium. After his photography studies at the Academie of Arts in Ghent, he specialised in social-political documentary photography, first in the Balkans, later on in the Middle East and currently in the former Soviet Union. See:

***Brigitte Grignet : Silver, Portfolio ; Gold, Environmental Portrait

Born in 1968 in Belgium, she first studied economics and business. She moved to New York in 1996, where she turned to photography in 1998 and studied at the International Center of Photography with Mary Ellen Mark and Joan Liftin. She has been working with humanitarian organizations in Guatemala, Colombia, Palestine. She has been working on a project in Chile for 6 years. “Even if I feel connected to the outside, to the people around me, it is as if the perception of the world brings us back to memory, to childhood, to an infinitely intimate place. In the solitude of these moments, the discovery of the others and of oneself pushes us to write a story as we have experienced it, emotionally, passed the exoticism of places and moments.”

***Kevin German : Silver, Emotive Vision, Light, and Self Portrait ; Silver, Environmental Portrait ; Award of Excellence, Feature ; Bronze, Sports ; Silver, Commercial, Wedding, Illustration ; Award of Excellence, Commercial, Wedding, Illustration ; Gold, Photographic Story ; Gold, International Documentary ; Silver, International Documentary ; Silver, Photographic Essay

Kevin German is an American photographer who worked in newspapers in the United States for five years following college. In March of 2008, he quit his job, sold everything he owned and moved to Vietnam to focus on documentary projects in Southeast Asia. He is set on dedicating his life to the power of the still image while helping those in humanitarian need.

***Sean Gallagher : Bronze, International Documentary

Sean Gallagher is a British freelance photographer based in Beijing, China. His work focuses on highlighting social and environmental issues in Asia, with specific emphasis on China.

***Olivier Douliery : Gold, News and Productive Peace ; Bronze, News and Productive Peace

Born in Paris, France ,Olivier Douliery is based in Washington DC and covers the White House and the u.s. President for the french press agency ABACA PRESS. Douliery’s started is carreer as a staff photographer for the French Air Force Press Agency (SIPA) , and moved to Germany and later Luxembourg to work as a staff for national newspapers and magazines. Douliery freelanced for Gamma before working as full time staff photographer for ABACA PRESS where he is a regular contributor for the Guardian, Newsweek , Time magazine, L’Equipe, and Le Figaro magazine. Douliery became a u.s. citizen in 2003.

***Maisie Crow : Gold, Feature ; Bronze, Feature ; Silver, Photographic Story ;

Maisie Crow is a native of Texas and currently resides in Athens, Ohio where she is attending graduate school. Before moving to Ohio, Maisie was a staff photographer at the Patuxent Publishing Company in Maryland. Maisie’s goal as a photographer is to capture the true essence of her subjects.

***Gianni Cipriano : Bronze, Multimedia ; Award of Excellence, Photographic Essay

Gianni Cipriano is a Sicilian photojournalist based in New York and Palermo, Italy, whose clients include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, D Repubblica and Courrier International. He graduated in the 2007/08 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program at the International Center of Photography in New York and is currently among the “Emerging Talents” of Reportage by Getty Images.

***Xiaomei Chen : Silver, Feature

Xiaomei Chen of China, am studying photojournalism at School of Visual Communication, Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA. I am interested in documenting and revealing the meanings of everyday lives with my camera, but I don’t limit myself only to photojournalism.

***Mario Bucolo : Gold, Sports

Mario Bucolo, 40 years old (1st dec.) live between Italy and North America (NYC and Vancouver). He is an expert in cultural marketing and communication. Photographer from a couple of year.

***M. Scott Brauer : Award of Excellence, Environmental Portrait

M. Scott Brauer, born in 1982 to American parents in Germany, lived all over the US as a child but considers himself Montanan. Brauer received dual degrees with honors in Philosophy and Russian Language, Literature, and Culture from the University of Washington in 2005 and currently is a freelance photographer represented by Invision Images. Currently based in China, his work now, as before, focuses on the everyday lives of everyday people.

***Dmitrijs Bindemanis : Award of Excellence, Emotive Vision, Light, and Self Portrait ; Gold, Pictorial ; Silver, Sports

I was born in the small town in Latvia (nationality – latvian). I am student of RSU (Riga’s Stradinsh University) I’m studying medicine (faculty of physiotherapy’).
My motto is ”Let your imagination be free”.

***Capucine Bailly : Bronze, Photographic Essay

Capucine Bailly, born in 1980, French from Paris, studied at the ICP in New York, lived 4 years in New York, now lives again in Paris. Member and co-founder of the collective Veras Images which is represented by Cosmos in France, Focus in Germany, Grazia Neri in Italy and Redux in the U.S. Photographing is the challenge of catching the moment, recording emotions, and stopping the beauty of life.

***G.M.B. Akash : Gold, Portfolio; Award of Excellence, Photographic Story ; Gold, Photographic Essay ; Award of Excellence, Photographic Essay

My name is G.M.B. Akash,I grew up in Bangladesh and have been working as a professional photographer since 2002. Today, I count myself blessed, having become a photographer. To be able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless, to bring their identity to the forefront; it gives meaning and purpose to my own life. Through my photography, I want to show two things: The things that should be changed in a positive way and the things that should be appreciated.

***Ari Abramczyk : Award of Excellence, Portfolio ; Silver, Pictorial

My name is Ari Abramczyk. I was born in San Francisco, CA. I am Israeli and Swedish. I graduated with an AA in Visual Journalism and a BA in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I am surrounded by magical people. I am astounded with the beauty in everyday life, and wish to become more and more aware each day. I feel so lucky to be a part of this incredible community of artists and humanitarians.


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