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The Visual Culture Awards

Welcome to Libri


Welcome to Libri : the online exhibition of the Visual Culture Awards.

We are pleased to present the edited selection for tVCA 2008. We are extraordinarily impressed with the images that came in and are very excited to present these jury selects. Thank you to all who submitted visuals to tVCA this year!

We would also like to thank the jury:

Nancy McGirr, Stacy Pearsall, Chad Stevens, Grabriel Torres-Brown, Eva Persson, Ramsay de Give, Hassan Aziz, Vezi Ncube, Chris De Backer, Casey Templeton, Jack Alterman, Stephen McGee, Naren Chitty, Tanner Pucket, Matt Mallams, Lauren Heinz, Lindsay MacLeod, Luca Jackson and Elyse Butler

the sponsors:

Charleston Center for Photography, Foto8, About the Image, Dripbook, Lomography, Fotokids Guatemala, Young Photographers United, the American College of Building Arts, and Vewd

and the translators:

Jasmina Popin, Sherry Chang, Yuliya Vnukova, Antonio Santos, Yoko Tsutsui, Bruno Sutter, and Grabriel Torres-Brown

with special thanks to:



Thank you.

This year, it was a pleasure to be in administration for the 2008 Visual Culture Awards.

tVCA’s Visual Maker of the Year, G.M.B. Akash, is set to be exhibited at the Charleston Center for Photography in the USA, January 2009: Opening will be 12 January 2009 at 7pm. You may view all of his submitted images, not just the portfolio, in the Portfolio-Gold section of this site. I will place a few images of the gatherings for Sam Abell’s workshop, and an Eddie Adams Tribute night replacing the Second Monday guest speaker session in January at CCP, where Akash’s images will be projected on the big screen before the tribute. You may view Akash’s selected work at CCP until March, 2009. You may also find progressive photographs and commentary in the Exhibition section via the Menu of Akash’s solo exhibition at CCP.

Our sole goal as a nonprofit is to gather together images with visual cross-cultural impact and to encourage communal support for intercultural visual communicators.

For the 2008 entry, I’m sorry we had some troubles with the email submission process. Because of this, I tried to work closely with all who got through to make sure their submission was as complete as possible. We hope to make it possible to submit online through our website as we are anticipating another tVCA exhibition in the future: not sure when or where in the world, however this is all exciting.

We placed all of the photographs entered into fewer categories: This, because some categories saw only a few submissions while others were densely populated. Those that were full, stayed as a category; Those with only a few submissions were individually and carefully moved to the next closest relative category in order to have another chance to place. This worked out well also to more densely allocate the monetary awards: The funds came solely from the applicants as well as gifts from individuals and sponsors: and yes, every dollar that came in for the awards is going straight back out to the visual makers edited for placement.

All in all, it was a wonderful launch year for tVCA. I personally look forward to finding how tVCA might evolve from this point and am happy to have been a part of this project in 2008 for all of you.

Please note that these images are truths and visions; some are journalistic while others lean into fine art. You may contact us or the photographer to find out more about the images. Please also take note of the biographies of each visual’s maker selected this year in the Awarded List found within the Menu.

This year, I also made a gallery for a selection of  featured images that were  otherwise not awarded. It was extremely difficult to narrow down, as all of the images were valid and I suppose one may edit with season’s of our Life’s journeys in mind/at heart, further and further. The photographers in this edit are not listed in the official Award’s Bio List as they are simply featured images. You may find the photographer’s name in the picture list’s enlarged image of this Founder’s Honours section.

During this process, as a jury member would come back with a select to award, (they were allotted  placements of Gold, Silver, Bronze and up to three Awards of Excellence) I thought, wow-really: And then wondered with them; It was a lesson in understanding an eye for an eye in a very positive sense, and I loved it! What I learned from making this project for the gallery at CCP (besides the crazy-funny scramble on my part because many came in at the last minute, that thankfulness is a gem, and well, tons of little-big comprehensions): there are a plethora of extremely powerful visual communicators, pushing and pulling pungent emotions. These images truly move me.

We had 2227 images submitted by individuals from thirty-eight different nations including Turkey, Thailand, Chile, Macedonia, Israel, Georgia, United States of America, Poland, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Latvia, China, Japan, France, Panama, Belgium, Bangladesh, Cuba, Greece, South Korea, Italy, Lebanon, Argentina, Australia, Sardinia, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Iceland, Philippines, Austria, and Ukraine (please let me know if I haven’t mentioned yours), ranging in critical interests of fine art to heavy news.

I hope these images, selected by the jury for the tVCA 2008 exhibition, move you… and encourage you.

Thank you to all who participated.

What a great opening!

Mikayla Mackaness


Good day to you.