About tVCA 2010 and general information

Image ©Peter Ruprecht, tVCA Founder's Choice, 2009


The Visual Culture Awards formed in 2008 to coordinate intercultural understanding through gallery exhibition with a collection of photographers aiding photographers in the current season. tVCA 2010 is an international call for gallery exhibition at the CHARLESTON CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY in Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America. The theme of this year's call is, 'Cultural Peace,' and hopes to showcase your culture or a culture you have explored, in a positive or progressive Light.

tVCA 2010 is about filling a gallery space for a solo exhibition at CCforP in the month of March, 2010.

Every single penny that comes in from the photographer's entry fees, will go straight back into the awards for the photographers exhibited (minus 10% going to the charity FOTOKIDS GUATEMALA). This is the premise of tVCA, visual makers supporting visual makers.

There will be a local reception for the exhibited photographer (last year we had a full house; it was a great welcoming!), and an online gallery for further displays of excellence.

The jury will base their selections on the power of the image to move the photographic reader. You may submit fine art to documentary photography and anything in between or outside. What is it you want us to grapple at? What is it you want us to collectively memorize? What is it you want to share about the state of Life and the stilled movement of a culture?

Everyone working on this is on a volunteer basis and logs more that 300 man hours without any monetary benefits. We get to see a great exhibition come together though!

This remains an international call for exhibition and photographers are invited from around the world. Last year more that 30 nations were represented, and we'd like to see this representation again this year.

A biography is part of the entry submission emphasizing cultural identity.

Nikon is donating a D90 D-SLR W/ 18-105MM ZOOM-NIKKOR OUTFIT to tVCA's 2010 Visual Maker of the Year.

The named solo exhibitor (tVCA's 2010 Visual Maker of the Year) will work directly with tVCA and CCforP to curate the event.

There will be no categories this year. Instead, the call is only for exhibition. Each photographer will submit 10-30 images to fill the gallery space. There will be a gold placement for the solo exhibition at the Center, a silver and bronze placement of the photographer's entire gallery submission in the online gallery with selects from different submissions of single images as awards of excellence.

The entire entry fee moneys will be broken down as follows: gallery for solo exhibition named photographer (tVCA's 2010 Visual Maker of the Year) will receive 50% of the total entry fees. Silver for the online gallery will receive 25%, and bronze, 15%. The remaining 10% goes to the named charity. If this was done last year, gold would have gotten 1,350USD, bronze: $675, and silver: $405. This year, we are hoping for even more.

The panel of jury members will go through and make selections of the photographic images for the gallery live on 20 January 2010 at the Center.

The entry fee is 37USD as supposed to last year of 30USD: more to go back in! This includes the entire submission and is not per photograph. You may only submit one portfolio-for-gallery-exhibition for review. You may also donate as much as you would like otherwise. It all goes straight back to the exhibited photographers - 10% to the charity FOTOKIDS GUATEMALA. Please contact for sponsorship.

This year, a description of your exhibition will be needed: you might want to include the process, the impact, or the story. A title would also be recognized.

This year the Charleston Center for Photography will print the awarded exhibition in house for the named photographer: 50% of the prints sold in the gallery will go to the photographer and 50% will go to the Center. The photographer will not incur any costs, except if the full resolution could not be passed through FTP, the cost of postage of a full resolution CD of the images for print to the Center.

MIKAYLA MACKANESS is the founder of the Visual Culture Awards. Her priority for these awards is to uphold visual cross-cultural communications and to extend gratitude to visual makers for their roles within their communities and recognize how they affect the weight of this world: Their very visual and verbal impact.

We hope to find peace and dialog in and through these awards.